Get what you ask for!!

How to get what you want?  It is not as simple as asking for some particular feature, or even describing a particular outcome.  My kids have only just realized  they get what they ask for, even when they didn't know it.  In construction and project management,  the results are often exactly in line with what is requested - but not expected.  With deliberate planning, critically evaluated risk management, and robust budgeting and cost controls, JDI can help you get what you want on your project.  Ask for us by name.

JDI web site update!

JDI's website has been updated!  Checkout our JDI Services page here!   Please give us a call to discuss our services and how we can help your projects be successful!

New JDI Positions!

JDI continues our search for highly experienced transmission line inspectors.  We've successfully hired a power applications engineer. The projects JDI works on are fast paced, challenging, and safe. We work with really smart, hard-working people who get the job done.

Come work with us! See our Careers page here.

Capx2020 Project

JDI delivers to CapX2020 on the Brookings to Hampton line, offering construction management, cost control, comprehensive project scheduling, field coordination and quality inspection, and materials management.

Read more in the CapX Quarterly newsletter here:

Buy local? YES, BUY LOCAL!!!

Buy local.

How many times have you heard this little catch phrase?  Have you ever really thought about buying local and what it means?  Why would you really want to buy local, especially if you can’t get certain products locally, like a particular make of a car or a larger item like an appliance?  In cases where you can buy local, or as close to home as possible, it’s one of the smartest things you can do as a business owner and a consumer, and there are a lot of reasons why.

Wisdom from Albert Einstein

"Your imagination is a preview of life's coming attractions."

What Happened to the Last 10 Years?

Daughter Dani turns 22 today, and I’d like to know what happened to the last 10 years. She is a senior at NDSU about to graduate in veterinary technology, and over the last two years of her training I've witnessed a number of really interesting things about our upcoming generations of workers.

Help Someone Learn Something New

This past Thursday, I went to my nephew Conlan's 9th grade science fair at Superior High School in Superior, Wisconsin. We've been working with him to do testing on the best way to cut mild steel. He did experiments with plasma, oxy-acetylene, and mechanical cutting methods, measuring speed of cut, time for cut cleanup, and other factors such as ease of use and flexibility for different applications. It was a pretty cool project, and I think Susan and I had as much fun as he did playing with these tools of the construction industry.

Welcome to the New JDI Website

Welcome to the JDI website version 3.0. We’ve been here since 2003, and since JDI was born, we’ve been helping an exceptional group of clients do some really interesting and radical new things by using new technology and applying creative new concepts. As a result, we’ve delivered some really excellent results. Our new website helps explain some of our recent projects and what we’ve done, and the results we’ve achieved, and we think you’ll find some of this as interesting as we have.

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