JDI Project and Construction Management Services

JDI offers a well-rounded suite of project services which are uniquely applied to each project phase.  Each phase requires different background, expertise and experience, which our team can provide seamlessly over the life of your project.

The Project Road Map

JDI works with you to develop a project road map through all phases. We connect each phase, and help specific sub-phase teams navigate through every task to ensure your project is optimized - every step of the way.

The JDI Teams

Our teams guide your project with expertise from our training and experience. We get your project done with demonstrated leadership and through transparent integration of all required services - whenever, wherever, and however needed.

The JDI Project Roadmap - Results You Expect

Development: Planning, Evaluating, and Approving Your ProjectDesign: Establishing Your Project SpecificationsConstruction: Building to Your DesignCheckout & Startup: Placing Your Project Into Service





Checkout & Startup


Leadership: A Road Map through a Complex and Costly Process

Build Project Leadership Team

Identify Strategic Project Objectives

Develop Master Schedule & Milestones

Define Roles & Communication Relationships

Coordinate Engineering & Design Efforts

Begin Project Tracking, Scheduling, & Reporting

Initiate Site Mobilization

Develop Detailed Construction Plan

Lead Construction Management

Facilitate Labor Mangement

Resolve Project Issues

Facilitate Operations Relationships

Plan & Manage Startup Activities

Conduct Contract Closings

Interface with Operations

Manage Certification Processes

Technical Services

Technical Services: Filing in the Project Gaps and Integrating the Technical Team

Specify Project Scope

Develop Engineering & Design Plans

Develop Process Flow (P&IDs)

Initiate Permitting Processes

Develop Design Criteria & System Descriptions

Integrate Discipline Engineering Efforts

Develop Bid Specs & Evaluation Criteria

Perform Constructability Reviews

Evaluate Bids & Ensure Contract Conformance

Support Multi-Disciplined Field Engineering

Process Technical & Change Order Requests

Perform QA/QC Inspections & Manage Punch Lists

Perform Equipment Checkout & Startup Testing

Complete Function, Sequence & Performance Testing

Verify Contractor Performance

Record Set Project Documents

Business Services

Business Services: Managing Your Critical Project and Process Information

Conduct Feasibility Studies

Develop Detailed Budget & Finance Plan

Analyze Risks & Develop Risk Mitigation Plan

Develop Project & Document Databases

Initiate and Manage Budget & Cash Flow

Develop Procurement Plan

Develop IT & Communications Plan

Implement Document Management Plan

Track & Evaluate Earned Value

Manage Budget & Cash Flow

Conform Contracts & Approve Change Orders

Audit Contract Performance

Coordinate Project In-Service Declaration

Negotiate Contract Closings

Perform Project Audits

Produce Ad-Hoc Project Reports

Field Support

Field Support: Eliminate Your Field Concerns

Develop Mobilization Plan

Define Safety & Environmental Procedures

Define Site Access & Security Plan

Develop Site & Utility Services Plan

Begin Materials & Services Procurement

Deploy Field IT & Communications Infrastructure Setup

Field Office & Administration Support

Set Up Field Warehousing

Manage Materials & Warehousing

Conduct Safety & Environmental Compliance Tours

Manage Lockout / Tagout Systems

Support Document Reproduction & Site Communications

Support Initial Operations & Training

Stock & Manage Spare Parts

Provide Checkout & Punch List Support

Demobilize Site


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