An integrated plant needs a great team, and the control system will help your team steer you to success. Our control systems services team will help integrate your team, your process, and your plant into a highly automated work flow with an informative and dynamic monitoring dashboard.

Our process and instrumentation engineering expertise spans multiple industries, allowing us to create integrated strategies from prior experience. During the design of your project, critical outcomes include process optimization and integration into current operations. Well-designed systems and aggressive training translates into reduced startups and faster ramps to 100% plant capacity, improved productivity, and highest efficiency.

JDI’s control systems and field device engineering include systems and integration services designed to optimize your process and productivity:

  • Control Systems and Field Device Engineering:
  • PLC based control system design and programming
  • Pressure, level, and temperature measurement and control
  • Flow measurement, including liquids, solids, and gasses
  • Variable frequency drive programming, control, and setup
  • Position feedback and control